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I specialize in EarthBound Related stuff, including EarthBound Animated, though I will likely post animations concerning other topics soon I imagine!

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Ardwick of Onett (Aka Leo) here!

Posted by ArdwickofOnett - December 1st, 2010


I've decided to give Newgrounds a try. Who knows, it could potentially be a beneficial experience?

So, basically: I'm an animator who's currently working on a few projects, known mostly for my EarthBound Animated series on youtube. I also hope to start working on some more serious, original, and ambitious projects soon!

For now, the first entry for the Gallery and my most recent animation, titled Overcoming Shyness, was an entry for the EarthBound Fanfest at Starmen.net. Simple, short, and to the point, I feel it works for a decent start. Or at least I sure hope so!

Ardwick of Onett (Aka Leo) here!

Comments (5)

Glad to see you finally on here, I hope the people of newgrounds will love your stuff as much as I do.

Whoa, I didn't expect you to sign up for an account here. Of course, nobody expected Egoraptor, Andrew Dickman, Kine the Genius, or others who are best known in various VG circles. Welcome to Newgrounds, and here's hoping nobody gives you a hard time here.

As the few said before, welcome to the community. I'm pretty sure a lot of Earthbound fans are still around. With that said, your work is gonna feel right at home here. I'm sure we're all interested in any other work you may come out with too! ;)

Love Earthbound Animated by the way. You're doing a fantastic job with the series. Can't wait to see more. Take care and again, welcome to Newgrounds. :)

I didn't know you were on NewGrounds. Any ways, I am a subscriber of yours on YouTube, and I go on NewGrounds occasionally. Its really awesome that you decided to give NewGrounds a try, because I was wondering if any of your animations would apear on web site that hosts flash cartoons. Congrats on joining NewGrounds, by the way.

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